Blackberry bread

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Blackberries are in season and there are a lot of them here at Ladybird Lane. I’ve made quite a bit of jam so far and was looking for something else to do with them when I ran onto a recipe for Blueberry Loaf from Marie at People Treats. So, I thought, why not replace the blueberries with blackberries in this recipe. I got a bit of time today to try just that and it worked out pretty well. I didn’t take the time to nicely document how I made the blackberry break. Marie does a nice job of that and since I’m kind of a naturally messy person documenting my baking would be an embarrassing moment for my wife. So, to see photos of the process visit Marie’s blog.

The taste of the blackberry bread is terrific (I added a bit of cinnamon that wasn’t in Marie’s recipe). The…

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