The Valentine Week ♡

Valentine’s Day is coming up!

7th Feb.  : Rose Day
8th Feb.  : Propose Day 
9th Feb.  : Chocolate Day
10th Feb. : Teddy Day
11th Feb. : Promise Day
12th Feb. : Kiss Day
13th Feb. : Hug Day



Happy Teddy Bear Day♥♡♥

I am happy that we are Friends!!!

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5 Responses to The Valentine Week ♡

  1. drstoica says:

    These days mean opportunity to love more, isn’t it? 🙂

    • tribute0928 says:

      Dear drstoica, Yes! Big Yes!! Thank you for your comment!!!
      Happy Happy-Valentine’s Day ♥(´v`*) with love Tribute M

      • drstoica says:

        Thank you, too!!! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!
        My name is Catalin.
        I allowed to write on my blog something about a post of yours. Thanks again. 🙂

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